DSA Awards

Honoring members of the community who have shown outstanding leadership, achievement and service for more than 50 Years.
This year’s Distinguished Service Award Dinner will take Place on Thursday, April 24th at 7:00 pm.
This year’s guest speaker will be Dr. Thomas J. Lynch Jr. Director; Yale Cancer Center. Physician-in-Chief of the Smilow Cancer Hospital, at Yale-New Haven
If you know someone you would like to nominate for the DSA based their leadership and outstanding service to the community for the previous year, please fill out the Nomination Form.
Thank you for all who attended this years Dinner. The recipient of this year’s DSA Award was Scott Murphy of Madison Little League.


The Distinguished Service Award
The Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to a citizen of
the community for leadership and outstanding service to the community
during the preceding year. The previous recipients of the award
select the winner.


Past Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award:
1956 Richard Gould
1957 Charles Nilson
1958 William Christensen
1959 J. Sanford Davis, Ph.D.
1960 Donald LaChance, O.D.
1961 Philip Costello
1962 Sheldon Inkster
1963 William Randall
1964 Eric Wills
1965 Martin Loughlin
1966 Rev. Charles Gelbach
1967 Gerald Walton, Ph.D.
1968 Melvyn Smith
1969 Daniel Mulvey
1970 John Embersits
1971 Stuart Carlisle
1972 George Egan
1973 Frank Adley
1974 Fred Ewing
1975 George Blair, Jr.
1976 Robert Green
1977 Rev. Franklin Bower
1978 Robert Hale
1979 John W. G. Phillips
1980 Janet Cotrell
1981 Richard Goddard
1982 Michael Salafia
1983 Harriet Hofrichter
1984 John Stoddard
1985 Al Halliwell, Sr.
1986 Charlotte Evarts
1987 Robert Snow
1988 Moe Frankel
1989 Robert MacDonald
1990 Deborah Bunnell
1991 Erwin Bauer
1992 Dave Longobucco
1993 John Herman
1994 Rick Gedney
1995 Chip Frey
1996 Robert Cerosky
1997 Stewart MacMillan
1998 Gunnar Johnson
1999 Ruth DeSarbo
2000 Eileen Speed
2001 Sue Zaccagnino
2002 Bernd Becker
2003 Helen Burland
* 2003 Norman “Dutch” Heliman
2004 Tom Banisch
2005 Pam McKinnon
2006 Nola Battipaglia
2007 Steven Perrelli
* 2007 Warner Lord
2008 Dick Borner
2009 Louis Tresselt
2010 Bill Clorite
2011  Laurie Heflin
2012 Ed Pellegrino
2013 Scott Murphy

*Lifetime Achievement Award